Alabama Superthug Magna Cum Laude

from by Brüx Callison & The Entangled Photons

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Alabama Superthug Magna Cum Laud

Let's call today my superthug graduation
I'm venting a talking insect
Out the main airlock of this station

I'm letting all my henchmen run a little wild
Feels like yesterday,
I was just a problem child

I've been working for this
Six legged demon on earth,
And in the blackest dark of space
I'm headed on back home
To claim what is mine
And set my house in order

I know he had some powerful friends
So ask me if I care
If someone else wants to take what’s mine
Tell them to go ahead and try

I ain't all that special
Maybe just a little bit more mean
And I know that down there on earth
There's billions more like me

Who'd do the same as I did
And blow him out into space
Giggle at his scrambling arms
Trying to claw a way back in

They would know what the risks are
What the cold darkness might bring
But that would be worth the comfort
To have a real man running things

Here are the changes that are coming down the line
We're through with this tolerance talk
Twisting up our young boy's minds

Every body's staying put
And improving where they live
If y’all knew what I’m saving you from
You'd thank me so much more


No more orders from those clacking mandibles
Now that earth is run by a man
Whose come on back home
And he's got a plan
To set
His house
In order


from The Supervillain EP, released February 29, 2012
Art By M. Hyder @




Brüx Callison & The Entangled Photons Seattle, Washington

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