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Nuking From Orbit

Such satisfaction
from pulling a lever
That lets fall the explosives
from a low orbit.
They slip free and tumble,
And streak on re-entry
To flash so brilliantly
to build towers of dust.
And I really thought
There'd be more chaos than this.


So I focus the satellite
on to where you've been living
and resolve on a heat signature
that moves like you do.
Now there's no going back
for absolutely anyone at all.

And you,
didn't you say
that innocence
Is a relative term.

So i'll leave an island
Untouched by destruction
You'll call it New Eden
And start it all over.
And your first exile, I'll fish out
From the encircling Sea.
I'll show him the power
Of a vengeful and brilliant
A vengeful and brilliant outcast
A brilliant and vengeful outcast...


from The Supervillain EP, released February 29, 2012
Art By M. Hyder @ mhyder.com




Brüx Callison & The Entangled Photons Seattle, Washington

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