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The Henchbabe

The Agency was not lying
if anything, they undersold your looks
You're too beautiful to only be dangled
in front of any misguided do-gooder
who might
stumble upon
a hidden fortress within molten rock

what inexorable fate brought you to me?

Let us be direct with each other
I want you to be my most trusted aide
Assist me with unpleasant business,
and I wil enflame every desire
that might
unfurl within you
but please, do not decieve yourself

this is no egalitarian society

disturbances in a ventilation shaft
are never, ever just nothing!

I see you in jeweled starlight
a reconnaissance team under your command
wearing that painted-on catsuit
we designed over coffee and
whole wheat
toast points
Oh, what does that look you're giving me, mean?

I told you to investigate the airshaft alarm


from The Supervillain EP, track released February 29, 2012
Art By M. Hyder @ mhyder.com




Brüx Callison & The Entangled Photons Seattle, Washington

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